The sixth specialized congress on medical device & infection control materials standards

In a press report from MEHR news agency, Mohammad Tahmasebi, executive director of the congress, mentioning to support from Iran University of Medical Sciences and Infection Control Association in collaboration with Ministry of Health said that the best research works in the field of infection control are selected and introduced in this congress.
He said of the presence of vice chancellor in therapeutic affairs of the Ministry of Health, authorities from FDA and IRI Medical Council, and National Standard Organization and added that over 2000 people will attend this congress.
Tahmasebi continued, subjects as standards and executable strategies related to medical devices for infection control and sterilization, the role of medical devices and infection control materials in health system evolution scheme, necessity of revising and developing national standards and infection control standard procedures and comparing them with global standards, the role of medical devices and infection control materials in accreditation of hospitals, the role of medical devices and infection control materials in safe and safety-favoring hospitals’ standards, nosocomial infections & health economic side, and effects of assessing health tech. in using medical devices of infection control and sterilization will be focused on at this congress.
The director of Infection Control Association said that accessories, equipment and disposable body coverings and their role in reducing nosocomial infections, air-refining and air sterilizing systems and the role of medical air in infection control, medical gas distribution and production systems and their role in infection control, microbial resistant due to incorrect use of materials and medical devices of infection control context, and the effect of devices and materials of infection control field on infections agents will be discussed in this congress too.
He said in the end that the aim of this congress is to urge national determination for comprehensive registration and assessment of nosocomial infections, standardization and enhancement of infection control devices, and to make effort for reducing over 50,000 annual deaths caused by nosocomial infections.
   2017/7/12 13:38

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